What must management do for a successful agile transformation ?

Do-you-know-about.comTips you must knowWhat must management do for a successful agile transformation ?

More and more companies are adopting agile methods for managing their activities. Yet, just a handful of them manages to implement this technique effectively. To succeed in this change, it is necessary to understand the critical points. Here are recommendations for a successful agile transformation.

Start the transformation

Agile transformation is a method that allows a company to achieve these goals in the short term. It requires the involvement of all stakeholders in the company (management and employees). To effectively deploy this technique, the management committee must therefore communicate the company’s vision to all colleagues. The latter therefore become the agents of change.

Therefore, the defined objectives must be ambitious, but they remain measurable and realistic. They must also serve as a guideline for the entire company which will work to achieve them. Management will not hesitate to bring together all the human, financial and technical resources essential to achieve this ideal.

Test agility

Agile transformation is like a continuous improvement system. Indeed, it is not a device that evolves without means of assessment. It is therefore recommended to set up learning sub-units that will help management capitalize on its experience. In addition, management must promote progressive training. Above all, the transition to agile methods should not be done at a breakneck pace.

The organization is thus required to encourage actions and learning in the field. Likewise, continuous training and objectives interact to produce convincing results. It may be essential to appoint a sponsor of the transformation who will be the guarantor of all this process. The latter will motivate the teams and delegate powers to them so that they act freely.

Deploy the method to the entire company

Once the agility model has been understood, management must deploy it to all structures. This step consists of extending the logical framework on predefined ecosystems. The implementation is easier all the more since each actor knows his role and the objectives he must achieve. However, the functions of each can be redefined in order to be in line with the agile transformation.

At this point, it is crucial to define new principles for carrying out the activities. Organizational agility evolves simultaneously with the transversal functions of the company. Human resources processes must also evolve iteratively and incrementally.

Maintain transformation over time

To make the transformation sustainable, it is important to implement actions that the company wouldn’t have thought of beforehand. The well-established agile approach enables the unraveling of critical business problems. The company must evolve over time to adapt to technical and organizational advances. You have to be one step ahead to continuously improve the quality of production. As a result, the allocated budget must be dynamic to promote progressive decision-making.

In addition, it is important to celebrate each other’s efforts. Also take care to point the finger at failures, because they represent lessons to be learned in order to improve. To make employees feel more valued, you need to involve them in some external activities of the company such as meetings and conferences.

All in all, for a successful agile transformation, management must involve all stakeholders in the company. It is also required to evolve gradually to learn and adapt.

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