How to find a food blog affiliate programs ?

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Blogging is much more than just content, it’s a million-dollar industry. Ever since the emergence of affiliate marketing, bloggers make lots of income from promoting brands on their blogs. Affiliate marketing comes in forms, which can be confusing for a blogger to choose the affiliate marketing to venture into. Hitherto, finding a food blog to promote can be a daunting task, mostly when one lacks the required experience needed to use affiliate marketing.

Tips on finding affiliate programs

There are a lot of ways through which you can find a food blog affiliate program. They include:

Google Search

Google is one of the easiest places or easiest way to find affiliate programs for food blogs. The idea is to be strategic and specific about your search. Don’t just search for affiliate programs, also add your specific area your blog is known for. It could be weight loss, alcoholic beverage, recipes, cooking, meal plans, nuts or healthy eating.

What this will do for you is to streamline your search to your specific needs, which will also assist Google in giving you the right result for your search.


Certain affiliate programs have their own listings, and you can find them online. The importance of these listings can never be over-estimated as they provide you with various brands and their affiliate programs and commission rate. All you have to do is to see which ones align with your food blog, and the ones you’re passionate about, so you can choose the ones to promote on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing Web Links

Affiliate programs are often attached to the websites of various brands, so one of the ways to find them is by surfing online. Get a list of brands you would love to promote their products, check their websites and connect to their affiliate links on their site and that’s one of the ways you find a food blog to join their affiliate program.

Examples of good food blog affiliate programs

To help you in your search for food blog affiliate programs, here are some names with great reviews.


This is a great affiliate program to choose in order to promote on your blog. It is well understood that most affiliate programs prefers clicks and purchase for a blogger to earn commission. However, Souvrn is different as it is more tilted towards impressions. This affiliate program requests for a thousand impressions, so you don’t need much thought on how to get clicks before you get paid.

Get Dinner on the Table

This affiliate program is a no-brainer for a committed food blogger. The Get Dinner on the Table sells a monthly food plan for subscribers, and they roll out a new food plan every month. However, you should note that the commission rate is quite high as they pay as much as 30%.


This affiliate program is one that deals majorly in alcoholic drinks. They have a structure whereby each purchase made gets to the customer in 30 minutes or less. They have a wide range of alcoholic beverages that can appeal to various customers and can make sales a lot easier to achieve.

Amazon Associates

Well recognized for their brand name, Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs a food blogger can promote. The program offers a competitive commission rate between 4% to 8% and a wide variety of products for visitors or subscribers to purchase from. Hence, the program also allows for the blogger to be eligible for commission even when a visitor buys other items from the one they click on the blog.

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How to find a food blog affiliate programs ?

Blogging is much more than just content, it’s a million-dollar industry. Ever since the...

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