How to install zend framework on shared hosting server ?

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Do you want to install the Zend framework on your hosted server? Know that it is possible! Indeed, doing so helps you to improve your navigation and the quality of your website. Having said this, installing this software is not as hard as one might think. However, there are some rules you need to follow!

What to know about the Zend Framework?

Before discussing the installation of the Zend Framework, you should know what it is beforehand. It is an open-source web framework for PHP 5. It is free, and it allows you to set up an excellent structure for your Zend Framework applications. Not only that, but it is possible thanks to the MVC or Model-View-Controller implementation that comes with the tool.

Likewise, it is also valuable for developers. With the software, you won’t have to write codes several times. It allows you to concentrate solely on your project while carrying out small tasks. However, you must make sure that you program it beforehand.

Additionally, it is vital to know that the framework is not built or automatically incorporated into servers. If you want to use it, you must first install it, even on hosting servers.

What are the advantages of installing Zend Framework?

The Zend Framework comes with many advantages. Firstly, it improves the functioning of websites, and its maintenance is easy. Additionally, it integrates PHP code in various domains, including the industrial one. Thus, it is an innovative solution for architects, coders, and even big companies. Thanks to this PHP project, failures of website creation are reduced.

Zend Framework allows you to make your URL easier and more accessible. Also, you can organize your directories in bulk and thus facilitate your work.


Installing Zend Framework: the procedure

Installing Zend Framework is easy. First, you need to go to its official website and download its latest version. To launch the download, you must have an account or create one on the website.
Once your account is available, you must follow the download instructions. Make sure you download the complete installation package on your Personal Computer. Then, upload it to your hosting server in your public_html folder.

To continue the installation process, create and rename a “ZF” folder in your public_html folder. You will use it to store the unzipped installation files you extracted in your Zend Framework installation package.

Next, you must create your php.ini or php5.ini file and include the “include_path” command. The installation of Zend Framework on your hosting server is complete, and you can now use it.

However, it is important to test the Framework beforehand, to ensure that its installation and functioning are correct. What if it does not work adequately? In that case, you must check your installation steps, to make sure that you performed them right.


Installing the Zend framework is an easy task. By following these instructions, completing the procedure will be simple, and you will be able to use your PHP tool directly.

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