VitalQIP: an obsolete DNS/DHCP and IP management software?

Do-you-know-about.comAbout techVitalQIP: an obsolete DNS/DHCP and IP management software?

In a complex networking world, every business has to provide a network that is running smoothly. VitalQIP is one of DDI product that unites IPAM, DNS and DHCP services together in one single operation, facilitating the work of IT administrators. Although it has proven to be very efficient, less and less enterprises use it nowadays and the support of it’s system is now being stopped.

VitalQIP: the end of an automated, advanced and flexible platform?

VitalQIP is a software product that configures, automates and integrates IP address services across your network. This reliable solution was considered as one of the best IP address management solutions by companies- it was indeed able to manage millions of IP addresses across your network.

More than simply automating IP address services, VitalQIP also facilitates the tasks of network administrators and help them establish consistent policies across their network. Reliable and secure, this solution provides more performance and reliability to network services.

One of the key benefits of VitalQIP lies in the fact that it is also compatible across multiple server platforms and that optional modules can be added to the system. VitalQIP is also available as both software and virtual appliance- while VitalQIP software enables you to utilise your corporate standard and create virtual environments, VitalQIP virtual appliance can be installed within various VMware environments.


Does IP management solution VitalQIP have a future?

A few years ago, VitalQIP was considered as one of the best IP management solutions by network analysts and firms. This innovative system has even received awards and prizes, including the Network World Blue Ribbon Award. Today, however, VitalQIP is used by less and less enterprises is now coming to an end-of-life cycle. As your business evolves, your DNS infrastructure needs to evolve as well- and VitalQIP is not as relevant as it used to be. So, can we hope that VitalQIP have a future?

Actually, many large organisations still use it, because they think migration plans would be both risky and time-consuming. Secondly, these organisations have established processes around VitalQIP; processes which would also have to be changed and tested. As a consequence, a transition to another solution seems very risky- and almost impossible. This is the reason why VitalQIP still survives within these global corporations, especially in financial institutions, large manufacturers or US Government agencies, which still hesitate to take the plunge. Learn more on

However, VitalQIP involves many problems- for instance, data integrity cannot be guaranteed, which is a real problem for a business, especially with the new GDPR. Although it seems complicated, it is possible to conduct VitalQIP migration plans in accordance to your network and your timelines, and with zero outages. Although this challenge seems particularly difficult, it is possible, and the replacement into a modern platform would better meet your business objectives. As now VitalQIP end of Life is real, companies will have no other choice but to migrate and choose a more efficient solution.

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