How to install vinyl flooring in a small bathroom ?

Do-you-know-about.comTips you must knowHow to install vinyl flooring in a small bathroom ?

Vinyl or PVC is a synthetic material that can be used as a floor covering, especially in a bathroom. It has the advantage of being resistant, waterproof and aesthetic. It only takes a few hours to install vinyl flooring in a small shower. However, it is necessary to have adequate materials and to respect the installation steps.

Technicality and materials required

It is not essential to be a flooring professional to install PVC in a shower. If you are alone, less than four hours of work will be necessary to carry out an installation in a room of 3 x 3 m² for example. You will need tools like:

  • a cutter,
  • a smoothing knife,
  • a scraper.

It is also advisable to provide protective solutions, namely gloves and safety shoes. The two consumables to buy are the double-sided adhesive paper and a vinyl roll suitable for the floor covering. In particular, it is advisable to opt for PVC with non-slip characteristics.

In addition, you should know how to handle the cutter well in order to be able to make rounded cuts due to the presence of equipment such as sink, bathtub.

The step of taking dimensions

The first precaution to take before going to the store to purchase PVC is to take the dimensions of your bathroom floor. This way you will choose a vinyl roll that is wider than the shower. Thus, you will no longer need to join pieces of vinyl end to end during installation, which will simplify the work. Finally, allow a margin of 10-12 cm on the edges when cutting.

Preparation of the shower floor before coating

This preparation step is particularly delicate because the quality of the vinyl floor at the end depends in part on its success. The surface to be coated must be flat, dry and free from impurities. Indeed, the PVC roll has the characteristic of being a flexible material and of low thickness. Any irregularity or deformation of the support may therefore be reflected on the floor of the room once the coating is completed.

It is not recommended to apply this type of covering on a tiled floor, as the lines of the tiling may appear on the visible face. The support to be covered must also be dry since humidity can alter the lifespan of the PVC later. Specialists recommend keeping the roller in the room a few hours before installation so that it acquires the same temperature as this one.

Installation of vinyl flooring

At the end of the preparation of the support, cover the floor of the shower with the vinyl roller, letting it overflow at the various points of contact with the wall. Fold over the edges that protrude by more than 5 cm and mark them using a ruler. With a scraper, cut the PVC along this fold line, so that there is an overflow height of 5 cm to finish.

Now lift the covering and apply double-sided adhesive strips to the inner part and the edges. Fold the blanket over and then run the smoothing knife through it in order to evacuate the air and even out the surface of the vinyl floor.

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