What are some team building strategies ?

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Team building is the set of actions taken within a team in order to strengthen the relationship between its members. It promotes teamwork and collaboration which are key factors in increasing job performance. If you want to improve this productivity, learn about the different strategies to implement to achieve it in this article.

Establish a selective recruitment policy

Recruitment is one of the first steps in team building to consider ensuring team cohesion. It consists of favoring candidates who espouse the vision of the company. Also, they must have qualifications or work experience that can allow the achievement of the objectives set.

To avoid frustration after hiring a new employee, it is possible to include the team in the candidate interview process. Thus, any potential barriers between colleagues that may arise when a new one arrives in the box will be broken. It will also help to obtain a better team, unified sharing the same goals with the same zeal at work.

Build trust between team members

The basis of any lasting relationship, whether personal or professional, is trust. In a professional environment, it is important for employees to know that together they will be able to get through difficult times. They must also be convinced that they will support common goals as well as open communication in any situation.

For this, it is necessary as a manager to be tolerant and attentive to any fault. It is also important to be transparent, open-minded, flexible, and calm. This allows for the installation of mutual trust and loyalty that removes any perception of mistrust within the team.

Organize corporate team retreats

It is true that it is work that is the primary goal of any employee in a corporation. However, a professional environment focused solely on day-to-day tasks makes employees boring, demoralized, and socially distant. This can be the root of many premature resignations and employee burnout.

It will then be necessary to think about the organization of team building activities targeting the employee’s own person and his or her development. These different pauses must be taken at well-defined intervals. They must consist in revealing more the human side and not the “boss” of the manager. These activities should also make team members happy outside the office. So know that team building becomes a reality when members work “having fun” without being stressed.

Resolve conflicts between employees

Another team building strategy that should not be overlooked is solving team problems. Indeed, conflict is a state of opposition that can arise within any team. This may reflect the disagreement between two or more employees around a business development issue.

It could also be a personal disagreement. In both cases, it is important for a manager to find the right solutions to solve it. When the problem is well managed, it participates more in the development of the company and in the strengthening of its members.

In addition, it is important to clearly define the role of each member to reduce the risk of jealousy. Note also that encouragement is a lever on which it is often necessary to operate to strengthen the group.

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