How much should seo optimization specialist charge ?

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In view of the increasingly important competition on the Net, working on your natural referencing seems essential. However, this comes at a significant cost. So, if you are considering optimizing your site, here is an overview of how much the SEO optimization specialist should take you for their service.

What is the average cost of a basic SEO audit?

The price of SEO services varies depending on several factors. Generally, a basic SEO audit will cost you between 500 and 2000 €. This task lasts between 5 and 10 working hours. Indeed, the time depends on the number of pages of your internal site and the volume of content.

So, the job of the specialist is to examine the overall structure of your URLs. He will also have to inspect the quality of your HTML code, the organization of the site and your links. At the end of his work, the SEO optimization specialist will give you a report containing two types of information. On the one hand, the audit report. This specifies what the specialist has analyzed, the problems identified and concrete examples. On the other hand, you will have a list of SEO recommendations. This in order to optimize your website in terms of its natural referencing.

However, it is important to keep in mind that in a pure SEO audit, the specialist does not himself implement the recommendations he advises. You are free to do the work and follow the recommendations.

Detailed SEO audit: what is the cost?

If you call on the SEO optimization specialist for your detailed SEO Audit, be aware that he will charge you for his service between € 3,000 and € 20,000. Indeed, this type of audit takes much longer. This can last for weeks or even months. Everything will depend on the size of your website or its nature. Generally, an e-commerce site takes longer to audit than a content site.

Moreover, since this is a detailed SEO audit, the specialist does not only give general recommendations. It explains in great detail the changes to be made to optimize natural referencing. In this case, the audit report is also larger than in the previous case.

How much to pay for writing articles or product sheets?

Since rich content is one of the factors for good search engine rankings, it is important to create quality content. Thus, an SEO optimization specialist can help you write content for your natural referencing. For example, for showcases, “blog article” type content is offered. On the other hand, for e-commerce, the specialist will offer you “product sheet” type content.

The price of content writing varies and generally takes several parameters into account. Among other things, the length of the text, the quality of the writing and the complexity of the subject covered. Indeed, the more complex a subject, the more expertise it requires. In all cases, you should plan between 30 and 200 € for a detailed SEO audit.

You now have a clearer idea of ​​the cost of SEO optimization. This will help you better choose your SEO optimization specialist.

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