How much does it cost to install new filter in swimming pool ?

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Installing a new filter is necessary in case your filtration system is faulty or your pond does not yet have one. It represents the guarantee of hygiene in swimming pools. Find here an estimate of the cost of installing a new filter in your pool.

The price of a filtration pump

The price of the filter pump is based on its power, maximum flow rate and suction diameter. The cost of this type of pump can also vary depending on whether it is a single-phase pump or a three-phase pump.

In general, it is the capacity that determines the price of a swimming pool filtration pump. Below are some filtration pump prices according to their capacity:

  • For a flow of 5 to 10 m³ / h, count between 100 and 200 €;
  • For a flow of 10 to 15 m³ / h, count between 120 and 450 €;
  • For a flow of 15 to 20 m³ / h, count between 150 to 600 €;
  • For a flow of more than 20 m³, count at least 200 €.

The price of the filtration pump also varies depending on its compatibility with an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool.

The cost of a filter

The price of a filter varies depending on the filter load it is made of. Thus, the cartridge filter is the cheapest on the market, because its purchase price is 100 €. For the sand filter, it is a bit expensive, because its price varies between 150 € and 350 €. The diatomaceous earth filter is the most expensive on the market, as its purchase price is around € 1,000.

The price of an electrical filtration box

It takes nearly 500 € to hope to have an electrical filtration box. It is against its features that the price of its latest is calculated. This is because a simple electrical box is less expensive than a combined electrical box.

The simple electrical box allows you to program the filtration of the swimming pool. In addition, it is able to pump in the event of a sudden cut thanks to the circuit breaker with which it is equipped. The simple electrical box is also equipped with secondary protection for the protection of the filters.

As for the combined electrical box, it is possible to control both the filtration and the projectors. It is equipped with a transformer.

The overall cost of a new filtration system

It is the sum of these different costs that gives the approximate price of a swimming pool filtration system. The price of the room must also be added to the overall cost of the filtration system. Indeed, it is in the technical room that we will put the pump, and the installation filter.

A prefabricated technical room can cost € 450 to € 1,800. For those in concrete, it takes between 1,000 and 4,000 €.

Apart from the filter and the pump, the overall cost will also be the price of a filtration skimmer and the price of the delivery nozzles. Keep in mind that sometimes they pay for labor unless the work is done by you instead of a professional.

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