how to adopt a dog in an association for abandoned animals ?

Do-you-know-about.comPetshow to adopt a dog in an association for abandoned animals ?

Adopting a dog from an association for abandoned animals is the dream of most people because of their love for animals. The joy of having a pet of your own is a feeling words cannot express. Although the adoption process may be tasking and very strict, it is always a good step in the right direction. How to adopt a dog in an association for abandoned animals? Here are a few guides for your adoption process.

Having in Place a Comfortable Environment for the Dog

To adopt a dog from an association of abandoned animals you must bring your A game, or you go home empty-handed. Never ever think it is a very easy process whereby you can just walk in, and then you’re given a dog to adopt on a platter. There are processes and requirements to be met before you can be able to adopt a dog from the association of abandoned animals.

The kind of environment you possess is a key factor in having your application being accepted. Hence, to have your adoption request accepted your environment must have the following qualities:

  • A safe and secure environment.
  • A fenced yard or barricade.
  • Enough space outside for the dog to play and easily defecate.

These requirements ensure the dog is given a healthy environment where it can feel at home and also be happy to play around without restrictions.

Having a Lifestyle & Occupation that Gives you Free Time

The association for abandoned animals are interested in the place the dog will live, the wellness and well-being of the dog too. If you are a workaholic who works around the clock and have no time for the dog, you are not likely to get your adoption request accepted.

Dogs get lonely and depressed too and this affects their health. To get your adoption request accepted you must have a way of life that allows for a good relationship with your dog.

Having the Ability to Afford Specialist Care

The best way to take care of a dog is not by self-care but taking the dog to a qualified veterinarian. Dogs do fall sick and as the owner, you must be able to show concern, care and attention to them. This, by using the services of a qualified veterinarian.

Also, the qualified veterinarian can advise on the best meal to give your dog. There are various dog food, but you may not have the knowledge of which has the best nutrients suitable to meet the dog’s nutritional needs. Meeting this requirement goes a long way as it speaks volume of your ability to take good care of the dog if given the pleasure of adopting the dog.

Applying for the Dog Adoption Request

The journey to adopting starts with applying for the adoption which follows a structured process. Hence, the best time to adopt a dog is now, start now and be positive that your request will be granted. Most association or abandoned animals do have their application form on their website. This means you can apply online or tentatively visit their office to fill out the form and submit.

Secondly, you’re to undergo and interview to show you’re qualified for the adoption. If you pass the interview, you’re expected to make the adoption fee which differs depending on the organization. As soon as the process has been completed, you get to take the dog home.

Efficient solutions to find a lost dog

Losing a dog is like losing a family member, as these animals are their owner’s faithful companions. It’s hard to let go of a pet you’ve developed a loving relationship to. So, it is judicious to mobilize all resources available to find the missing dog.   Posting ads, reporting losses, checking the list of abandoned dog with pet associations, must be done as soon as possible.   Consider the next steps if you would like to organize a successful search. 

  • Make sure that your dog is nowhere in your house or in the neighborhood;
  • Notify all entities and professionals in this sector: veterinarian, pound, shelter for abandoned animals, animal association;
  • Make an official loss report on the I-CAD website or by submitting your dog’s identification numbers by phone or via the mobile app ;
  • Post personal ads on social networks and also assign this task to dedicated sites for finding lost pets;
  • Create and print flyers with your dog’s picture and mentioning your contact.  Then, place it in strategic and visible places for as many people as possible.
  • Call your dog near your home and at the same time in the morning and evening;
  • Consult the list of found dogs regularly.

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