Why buy a hand held spot welder ?

Do-you-know-about.comAbout techWhy buy a hand held spot welder ?

With the purchase of a handheld spot welder, you can work with peace of mind. This state-of-the-art equipment is equipped with autogenous welding technology. Powered by electricity, it is versatile and produces results that are both fast and aesthetic. We will tell you more!

The hand-held spot welder: a versatile device

The hand-held spot welder allows you to limit the deformation of the sheets subjected to welding. Plus, you can use it to weld materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel. With the hand-held spot welder, you also have the option of welding without adding another metal in the traditional way. The principle consists of compressing the two metals to be welded between two non-fusible electrodes.

The hand-held spot welder: a device at the cutting edge of technology

As a practical device, the hand-held spot welder has everything to please its users. It offers a fairly clean aesthetic result. Indeed, it is called a spot welder because it produces nice round spots that do not stain the assembled metals. This process is achieved by local injection of current which fuses the parts to be welded.

With a welding capacity of 2mm + 2mm on average, it offers high welding quality. It also ensures good metallic continuity and good sealing. Equipped with automatic regulation, the hand-held spot welder is easy to set up. This is an asset for making the point settings agreed upon according to the nature and thickness of the tool to be welded.

The hand-held spot welder: a device that saves you time

Working with a spot welder saves you time. Indeed, spot welding gives results fairly quickly (two seconds maximum). Thanks to its ability to produce high temperatures, it quickly adheres to pieces of metal evenly and effectively. This low-polluting process avoids the risk of deformation of the welded parts.

The hand-held spot welder: an energy-efficient device

Unlike an arc, flame, or torch welding machine, the hand spot welder uses less energy. The amount of heat it uses depends on the thickness of the metal to be welded. It operates on 220 volts alternating current and offers fast and precise soldering. Equipped with 100 ammeters, the machine offers 7 minutes of welding and 3 minutes of cooling.

The hand-held spot welder: an easy-to-carry device

A hand-held spot welder is easy to transport. With a weight of 10.5 kg, it has a 120 mm long arm and dimensions not exceeding 44 x 10 x 18.5 mm. Thanks to its small size, it can operate on any job site without constraint.

The hand-held spot welder is cheaper to buy. Thanks to its purchase cost and its cost of use, it allows you to save money. Also, thanks to its versatility, it lends itself well to assembly-line productions.



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