How did gift card become a staple in companies ?

Do-you-know-about.comTips you must knowHow did gift card become a staple in companies ?

A gift card is an excellent tool for promoting a company’s products or services. It is today a must for companies because of its many advantages. On average each year, the turnover of gift cards hovers around 800 million euros. Here are a few reasons why companies are adopting this strategy.

The essential corporate gift card thanks to its many advantages

The gift card is a card that is credited in such a way that you can give it to a loved one who can use it as a means of payment for their purchases.

According to a study, the gift card is the second most popular gift for French consumers. Gift cards are a great option when you are struggling to choose a gift to please your loved ones. There is no shortage of opportunities to offer gift cards. Indeed, they can be used on the occasion of a birth, a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc… This is why it is important as a company to integrate into your marketing strategy.

Gift cards or vouchers allow your business to maintain a good brand image. Thus, it offers numerous possibilities to the marketing teams with regard to the brand or the sign of the company. Available in physical form or online (e-card), the gift card is an interesting tool to integrate into your strategy.

Also, the gift card leaves a wide choice to the beneficiary regarding the selection of presents.

The gift card allows companies to increase their turnover

Another positive point of the adoption of gift cards by a company relates to its impact on the turnover of the company.

If you are an SME, the sale of gift cards is an excellent option to boost your turnover by 20% on average. You will feel the fallout even more on special occasions such as the end of the year celebrations. Indeed, sometimes out of ideas, a large majority of people do not hesitate to choose a gift card to please loved ones. Thanks to its ease of purchase and use, the gift card is the star of important events.

A gift card is an excellent tool for customer loyalty

In order to promote their business and retain customers, more and more companies are opting for gift cards. This is a great way to recruit new customers and also to retain existing customers. In general, gift card recipients do not or very little frequent the establishment that issues them. This is, therefore, an excellent option for gaining new customers. They are even in the process of becoming regular customers if your company offers quality services or products. It is even common for these customers to become brand ambassadors when they leave satisfied.

As you will have understood, gift cards can have a very positive impact on beneficiaries who will not hesitate to promote your brand or your business.

The gift card is today an essential tool for acquiring new customers and also for building the loyalty of existing customers. Adopting it greatly contributes to the development of business sales.

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