What to first write when introducing yourself to a woman on a dating site ?

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When a profile catches attention on a dating site, the first post can be complicated. Usually, it is difficult to get started because we want to hold the attention. It will therefore be necessary to use the right words, select the appropriate expressions and formulations. The first post on a dating site can be the start of a great love affair, or it can have the opposite effect. So, to write a message that will make the other person want to respond, there are a few important rules to follow. Check out some of them here.

Avoid messages that are too short for a first contact

To make a successful first contact on a dating site, it is essential to avoid the use of expressions such as “hi”, “hi how are you?” “, ” you’re okay? “. These types of messages have a bland and impersonal connotation. In addition, they do not help to start a discussion. In order for an exchange to materialize, the person you are writing to must have something to answer. Everyone makes mistakes, but bad spelling is a red flag for most people.

Make good formulations, spellings

It is important to understand that typing messages, or the use of abbreviations can cause some people to feel discouraged. This can give a negative image of the person who writes such messages even if it means discrediting him. Even if you have grammatical or spelling difficulties, it is important to reread yourself, and check the spelling of words in a dictionary or on the internet, or even ask an acquaintance to reread the message you are reading. The ideal is to set the goal of making zero mistakes. As such, it is advisable to reread oneself, to make use of the functionalities of certain useful applications, or to obtain general knowledge books!

Refrain from discussing sexual matters on the first contact

It is important for a successful first contact on a dating site to avoid any subject of a sexual nature and even any implication that might lend itself to it. This can turn out to be awkwardness that can make one seem heavy, vulgar, intrusive, or disrespectful. On dating sites, some people are in a hurry and want instant results. Unfortunately, they go too fast and talk about sex very hastily. This habit is more common among men.

Talking about sex quickly enough is bad for love. Rather, it is recommended that you get to know your partner first, and later, as you progress in the relationship, you can tackle more intimate issues. Equally important is to pay special attention to any praise that is likely to be seen as misogynistic when addressed to a female person.

It is therefore advisable to be subtle and avoid gratuitous compliments such as “you are sublime” or “very charming”. Also, one should refrain from preconceived formulas, views, and reviews. You don’t have to dress up as a poet to make a good impression. Better to have a message that is a little more authentic, even if it is a little easier or less poetic.

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